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Asura World is a self-sustainable eSports platform, which focuses on the community ecosystem as a whole, this in tune creates an ecosystem that will be self-regulated & self-evolving.

The Asura World platform can be broken down into five major sections: 1.

eSports Betting & Tournament Live Stream 2.

Professional Guides 3.

Community Match making 4.

Tournament Hosting 5.

Community Center Fueling Asura World is the ASA Coin, an NEP-5 token which provides a range of functions and utility across the platform.

This will be used as a Coin for payments, bets and stakes, and to incentivize the sharing of quality content, professional guides, forum contributions and more.

Asura World will provide both free-to-use and paid content.

The platform will also offer multiple avenues for members to earn tokens, by hosting tournaments and/or contributing content which provides value to the community.

The platform will initially focus on four major games: • Counter Strike: Global Operations • Dota 2 • King of Glory (currently the most-played MOBA mobile app in China).

王者荣耀 • League of Legends The addition of new games will be voted in by the community in the future.