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$1 686 428 361 295.09

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$232 980 533 403.36

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144 GWEI

144 GWEI

148 GWEI

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Dotcoin (DOT)

DOT -20.14%

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$17 738 252 890.59

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$2 320 520 223.67

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Tech Specs

Last historical data: 2021-01-22T08:14:05.000Z

Decimal places: 0

Algorithm: Scrypt

Prooftype: PoW

Country origin:

Genesis date:

Liquidity score: 80.31

Publi interest score: 0.056

Community score: 41.811

Developer score: 0

Coingecko score: 42.479

Market cap rank: 4

Coingecko rank: 118

Alexa rank: 30578

Bing matches: 0

Dotcoin (DOT)

Polkadot is a platform that allows diverse blockchains to transfer messages, including value, in a trust-free fashion; sharing their unique features while pooling their security.

In brief, Polkadot is a scalable heterogeneous multi-chain technology. Polkadot is heterogeneous because it is entirely flexible and makes no assumption about the nature or structure of the chains in the network.

Even non-blockchain systems or data structures can become parachains if they fulfill a set of criteria. Polkadot may be considered equivalent to a set of independent chains (e.g.

a set containing Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Namecoin and Bitcoin) except with important additions: pooled security and trust-free interchain transactability. Many of the native parachains of Polkadot will be written using a Polkadot Runtime Environment SDK (e.g.

Parity Technologies' Substrate).